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Young Leaders Boot Camp – kick off in September!

juni 24, 2014

A unique leadership program for Young Women Leaders

In the end of September of 2014, 20 young women leaders will gather in Skåne for a five day leadership boot camp hosted by MiL Institute, Women for Sustainabale Growth (W4SG) and ProcessInk.

Continuing a successful partnership – but closer to home

This is not the first time MiL Institute, and I personally, have partnered up with Women for Sustainabale Growth (W4SG) and ProcessInk.

The second batch of WLEP, 2013-2014

The second batch of WLEP, 2013-2014

Together with Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) we have seen two successful batches of Swedish and Emirati managers graduate from the Women Leadership Exchange Program (2012-2014) and we look forward to a third Women Leadership Exchange Program in 2015.

However, regardless of the importance of WLEP, Young Leaders Boot Camp is literally and figuratively hitting it closer to home which gives me an even greater sense of urgency and excitement about being able to contribute in the training and development of these young women leaders, local to Sweden.

Johanna Steen, MiL Institute

Johanna Steen, MiL Institute

It is with an odd sense of gratefulness, humility and excitement I look to meet the Young Leaders I put so much hope in and I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than hosting this particular group of young Swedes.

YLBC sets out to provide an opportunity for deep connection and support. A place to learn from peers and mentors, to reflect on dreams and build visions of the future. A time to explore one’s own voice and platform in a global world and the challenges that follows.

It’s 5 empowering days, which we hope will leave the participants with the toolkit, the drive and knowledge of what they’ll need for a long term sustainable leadership.

MiL answered the call – now find out how you can contribute!

The YLBC Hosting team - Sarah Nilsson Dolah, Johanna Steen, Jaleh Taheri, Maja Rotbøll.

The YLBC Hosting team – Sarah Nilsson Dolah, Johanna Steen, Jaleh Taheri, Maja Rotbøll.

When we were approached by W4SG there was no hesitation of whether or not we wanted to be part of this pilot project. We may work pro bono but the opportunity to contribute and live our values, let alone the learning experience of co-creating this pilot program with our partner organizations, is invaluable.

We don’t want to hoard all these richnesses – therefore we invite you to read more about the program and find out how you can be a part of this adventure!

Best regards,

Johanna Steen, MiL Institute




Young Leaders Boot Camp – a 5 day training for Women Leaders


The Young Leaders Boot Camp (YLBC) is a unique leadership program for young women who aim to become leaders in their fields.

The program is held in-residence at MiLGårdarna in Vittsjö where 20 participants will spend five days working on individual strengths and interests while building a peer-mentoring group culture that will serve as support in their professional lives. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to enter W4SG’s network of female leaders for mentorship, internships, and more.

W4SG is working in collaboration with MiL Institute and ProcessInk to design and host the camp. Participants are women ages 21-25 who are just entering their careers with a strong interest in international affairs and the Middle East. The program is held in English; proficiency in Arabic is a plus.

The camp is designed to meet Sweden’s growing need for competent, confident, and internationally savvy leaders. Sweden hosts many leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can bring their competence and knowledge to an internationalizing region. Building lasting bridges between regions and cultures requires good leadership – which is what W4SG aims to support with this program.

Join the project now!

Sarah Nilsson Dolah

Sarah Nilsson Dolah

Young Leaders Boot Camp has received initial support from Tillväxtverket yet W4SG is seeking further partnerships with companies and organizations. We believe this program could be of interest to HR and PR departments within international companies – especially if they work with the growing market in the Middle East. We also seek to partner with governmental organizations or NGO’s that aim to support Skåne’s economic internationalization, provide job support to young adults, and/or facilitate sustainable integration.

Please contact us for further information: youngleaders@w4sg.org

Sarah Nilsson Dolah

Program manager Young Leaders Boot Camp,


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